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MEMEMultimedia & Electronic Music Experiments (Brown University)
MEMEMiddle East Music Ensemble (University of Chicago; Illinois)
MEMEMaster of Engineering in Manufacturing Engineering (University of New Mexico; Albuquerque, NM)
MEMEMississippi Early Music Ensemble (University of Mississippi Department of Music)
MEMEMultiple EM (Expectation Maximization) for Motif Elicitation (DNA analysis tool)
MEMEMultiple Entry, Multiple Exit (computing)
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The process of creating a meme is also not complicated.
Grumpy Cat's shelf life as a meme may have expired, but the news was enough to become a (https://twitter.
The meme complex of Harambe the gorilla, (12) for example, has been used as commentary on such topics as politics, race, and philosophy.
Any educator that has had laminator issues and looks at the face in this meme will relate to the expression
Martha and Jeremia, both now in their twenties, are often left in charge when meme Maria is not around.
In a Reddit AMA, College Freshman meme star Griffin Kiritsy admitted that many of the memes mimicked his first year of college, saying "the laundry jokes, the bragging about parties I went to, and all of the dying ones happened to me.
El propuso el termino meme (basado en la palabra griega mimema, que significa algo imitado), para denotar todas las ideas de comportamiento no geneticas y culturales que se transmiten de persona a persona, que abarcan desde el lenguaje hasta los convencionalismos sociales.
Because of the way an internet meme evolves over time, Dawkins has said that the best of them represent a variation of Darwin's natural selection.
9] On yillik Hemsire Saglik Calismasi'nin (Nurses Health Study, NHS) verilerini degerlendiren Parker ve arkadaslarinin (2009 calismasinda; bilateral ooferektominin, overlerin korunmasi ile karsilastirildiginda, meme ve over kanseri riskinde azalmaya yol acmasina ragmen, diger nedenlere bagli olum, olumcul ve olumcul olmayan koroner kalp hastaligi ve akciger kanseri riskinde artis ile iliskili oldugu belirtilmistir.
And in any case, no widely followed interpretation of Islam advocates the overthrow of the government in--as the meme states--a forceful, violent or unconstitutional way.
Au deuxieme trimestre de 2015, l'ICM s'etablit a 76,1 points, contre 73,7 points un trimestre auparavant et 74 points le meme trimestre de l'annee passee, precise le HCP dans sa note relative aux resultats de l'enquete de conjoncture aupres des menages.
De acuerdo con el estado del arte existente, se sostiene que el aprendizaje de un meme puede darse de varias formas y se manejan terminos indistintamente que no necesariamente son lo mismo: por imitacion, asimilacion, ensenanza o apropiacion.