MEMTMusic Education and Music Therapy (Kansas University; Lawrence, KS)
MEMTMassachusetts Emergency Management Team
MEMTManufacturing Energy Management Team (DuPont Canada Inc.)
MEMTMechanics and Materials (Louisiana Tech University; Ruston, LA)
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CD-ROM with MEMT Presenter software by Raymond Hickey.
This part of the recipe gives instructions on how to keep the final product for future use, e.g., kepe yt in a boxe; kepe hit well in a glasse and stoppe hit well (MEMT, Remedies and materia medico).
(9) The corpora provide a total of 565 instances of the object-controlling verb make, of which 217 derive from MEMT and 348 belong to EMEMT.
This section assesses the distribution of the marked and the unmarked form of the verb make in MEMT and EMEMT.
Specific software tools, named MEMT Presenter and EMEMT Presenter (for the ME and eModE periods, respectively), have been designed for the retrieval of information.
CC is intended to complement other corpora (such as ARCHER, MEMT and HC) that share some characteristics with it, particularly its diachronic nature and the specificity of the samples contained.
The data used come from two sections of the Corpus of Early English Medical Writing: Middle English Medical Texts (henceforth MEMT), for the historical period 1375-1500, and Early Modern English Medical Texts (henceforth EMEMT), for the period 1500-1700.
As a tagged version of MEMT is not hitherto available, the present research was based on the plain text version of the corpus.
MEMT and CoER are electronic compilations of medical texts.
Take nepte, & stampe it, & tempre hit wyp hote wyn, & drinke hit, when pou felyst pe wormes greuen pe, & pou shalt be hool (Recipes 1, MEMT).
Although MEMT was compiled on radically different sampling principles, I have gathered 10,000 word samples basing on my own experience in compiling the Coruna Corpus of English Scientific Writing, where this size samples have proved to be more useful in terms of the study of variation and contrary to Biber's (1993) suggestion that 1,000 words samples are enough for the study of variation in scientific English.
Scientific writings in the MEMT are divided into three groups based on based on tradition and readership.