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MENDMovement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta
MENDMind, Exercise, Nutrition, Do It! (health slogan)
MENDMobile Equipment National Database
MENDMine Environment Neutral Drainage (MMS Canada)
MENDMommies Enduring Neonatal Death (Coppell, TX Christian support group)
MENDMiddle East Nonviolence and Democracy
MENDMedicine in Need (Cambridge, MA)
MENDMobile Equipment National Database (UK)
MENDMedical Education for National Defense
MENDMedicare Enhancement for Needed Drugs Act
MENDMassive Economic Neighborhood Development
MENDMultimedia Enhancement Network Device
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Ellen said: "I created Mend because it's what I needed when I was going through a break-up in my mid-20s.
Canadian translator Jessica Moore translated Mend the Living from French into English.
With their new, in-demand health and weight loss products and with their strong commission rate for affiliates, I am very excited to be working with Vital Mend as I expect the program will be highly successful.
The Mend and Little Mix, Rhyl Pavilion Theatre, January 25-26.
Paul Sacher, co-founder of MEND, said: "It's about changing lifestyle and it's not about doing anything drastic, making small changes that will eventually add up to quite significant changes for the whole family.
Old clothes lying around can be transformed, according to Make & Mend 'Mending clothes is a skill that will not only allow your wardrobe to last longer, but also encourage you to think before you buy,' says Make & Mend co-author Rebecca Peacock ?
The good thing about MEND is that you can go as a family so you can all learn about it.
Many of the MEND members receive government funding or job training in return for MEND's commitment not to return to violence.
During this week, MEND is encouraging families to incorporate six top tips into their everyday life to help them get fitter and healthier, including: Walk an extra 20 minutes every day; include at least one serving of fruit and veg with each meal; try a new exercise or activity this week; start the day with a healthy and filling breakfast; limit the amount of fruit juice you drink, as it contains a lot of sugar; and drink more water.
Mend the hearts Of Port-au-Prince Look deep into your soul Give aid, persuade, convince Our love we'll measure Give up our guilty pleasures For you, we are there Say the Haiti prayer.
Patrick Wilmot, a political commentator on African affairs, told Al Jazeera that while some within Mend accepted the amnesty "in good faith", others wanted to continue with "their kidnapping and gun-running".
The Mini-MEND programme for pre-school children, (15) which had grown out of the MEND programme for school-age children and their families with the catchphrase 'Mind, Exercise, Nutrition .