MENEXMaintenance Engineering Exchange Program
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2.4-6, 20, 64-5; Platao Menex. 240d) e a kudos ("ajuda divina") dos deuses e semideuses protetores da polis (Sofocles El.
No dia do funeral, eles eram levados para o cemiterio publico, onde eram colocados em uma "bela e grandiosa tumba" (Platao Menex. 234c).
For example, Modess pads were designed 'to meet the requirements of the modern woman' while Menex pads were 'modern hygiene' for 'modern girls and women.'(32) Technical details were provided in the advertisements, and modern improvements purported to provide greater safety, security and comfort.
Some a priori or classic segmentations have been carried out, based upon socio-demographic variables such as gender, age or cultural context (Aslanidou & Menexes, 2008; Li & Kirkup, 2007; Lin & Yu, 2008).