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MENIMobil Exploration Norway Inc. (energy industry)
MENIMultiple Endocrine Neoplasias Type I
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Meni Abudy of the Business Administration School at the Bar Ilan University.
Rydym rhy bell i weld y cerfluniau bwyeill ar rhai o'r meini a rhy bell a heb y golau angenrheidiol, i weld yr hoel gweithio a siapio ar rhai o'r meni.
k) Oykude meni bulasigi oldugu bildirilen bolgelerden suruntu ornegi,
The Senior Assistant of the President of the Republic and Chairman of the Transitional Darfur Regional Authority (TDRA), Meni Arko Menawi, affirmed the importance of uniting efforts for enhancing the humanitarian situation in Darfur, calling on the Arab League and African Union (AU) to provide more support.
On his behalf, PACTI complained to Attorney General Meni Mazuz.
Lophira, tree of the ochnaceae family also known as Meni oil tree, false shea and locally called beung in Chamba language and namijin kadanya in Hausa language, grows in the dry zones as well as the moist evergreen forest of tropical Africa [1,2].
Meni je i mati pricala mnogo stosta kad sam odrastao, pa je zapitkivao.
The decision about whether to indict Olmert rests with the attorney general, Meni Mazuz.
Acknowledgments: We acknowledge Meni Wanunu and Ben McNally for help in nanopore fabrication, Jerome Mathe for DNA unzipping data using protein pore, and Preben Lexow of LingVitae AS for stimulating discussions.
The recommendation came at a meeting between police investigators and Attorney General Meni Mazuz.
Kibrisli Rum malik, bu sartlar altinda, Orams cifti aleyhine, guney Lefkosa'daki Lefkosa Kaza Mahkemesi'nde, mudahalenin meni davasi acmis ve bu davada, tasinmaz malin kullanim kaybindan dogan tazminati da talep etmistir.