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MENIMultiple Endocrine Neoplasias Type I
MENIMobil Exploration Norway Inc. (energy industry)
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It is Hathfertiti who was responsible for the desecration of the tomb of Meni I and II--potentially sabotaging their journey through the underworld and damning their spirits to a second death.
Rydym rhy bell i weld y cerfluniau bwyeill ar rhai o'r meini a rhy bell a heb y golau angenrheidiol, i weld yr hoel gweithio a siapio ar rhai o'r meni.
Hajji Usman, a tribal elder from Shinwari tribe in Nangarhar, said his tribe maintained security for forests in the Haska Meni district and in Spin Ghar mountains under an agreement with other tribes.
Otashi ti ombinzi meni oya londa momithipa nuupokati womiyalu mbali: 190 otashi ti oya londa noonkondo, sho omutima tagu pombo omanga 120 otashi ti oya shuna pevi noonkondo, sho omutima tagu fudha po.
Generation Y meni vzhl'ad vyroby, (2007), Available from: http://www.
However, in 2004, the Attorney General then, Meni Mazuz, thwarted an attempt to broadly apply this law in East Jerusalem.
The Senior Assistant of the President of the Republic and Chairman of the Transitional Darfur Regional Authority (TDRA), Meni Arko Menawi, affirmed the importance of uniting efforts for enhancing the humanitarian situation in Darfur, calling on the Arab League and African Union (AU) to provide more support.
Meni je i mati pricala mnogo stosta kad sam odrastao, pa je zapitkivao.
vec i sa strane uzroka efektora koji ih izazivaju (mene nesto plasi, iznenacuje, zapanjuje, cudi, meni nesto odgovara i sl.
The decision about whether to indict Olmert rests with the attorney general, Meni Mazuz.
The recommendation came at a meeting between police investigators and Attorney General Meni Mazuz.