MENRMinistry of Ecology and Natural Resources (Moldova)
MENRMinistry of the Environment and Natural Resources
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The government's efforts to reach the nuclear targets set by MENR resulted in an intergovernmental nuclear energy agreement between Turkey and Russia which was signed and ratified by the Turkish Parliament in May and July 2010, respectively.
On the one hand, MENR along with other state and non-state regulative institutions such as the Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EMRA or EPDK), defines the legal framework, and then regulates it with direct involvement in the energy sector to avoid non-liberal (e.
Ceyhan, along with Izmir, takes a pivotal role within this process since MENR is intended to turn Ceyhan into an energy terminal supported by refineries, petrochemical facilities, LNG terminals, gas liquefaction units and LNG trains.
MENR estimates that the sector as a whole requires increased investment of $1bn a year over the three years 2004-06 and an additional $2.
MENR cancelled a tender for a 390 MW wind power project in 2001 because of the need to cut costs.
The final step MENR is taking is the organizing of official visits, namely 'Energy Team visits, (5) to SSA.
Under the presidency of Turkey, MENR brought the problem of access to SSA energy to the energy sustainability working group agenda under the G20, which is the first time G20 countries have focused on the least developed countries' problems.
This component will assist MENR to: (i) identify and analyze the main direct and indirect cause of deforestation and degradation; (ii) identify effective REDD+ strategy options; (iii) design a implementation framework for REDD+; and (iv) assess possible social/ environmental impacts associated to the REDD+ strategic options (i.
This component will assist MENR to identify a national Reference Emissions Level, and/or Reference Level (REL/RL) for the forest sector.
Within the MENR, a National Energy Strategy Center which would coordinate and cooperate with the National Energy Platform should be formed.
In May 2002, the MENR put six power plants (Orhaneli, Hamitabat, Catalagzi, Soma A-B, and Ergil) and nine distribution grids on sale, transferring their assets to the country's Privatisation Authority.
In the internal market the MENR is limited by the Ministry of Finance, which determines the Special Consumption Tax and Automatic Price Mechanism for State-owned Enterprises.