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MENTORSMuslim Educational Network, Training and Outreach Service (Canada)
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With these words he sat down, and Mentor {20} who had been a friend of Ulysses, and had been left in charge of everything with full authority over the servants, rose to speak.
Now, therefore, do you people go about your business, and let his father's old friends, Mentor and Halitherses, speed this boy on his journey, if he goes at all--which I do not think he will, for he is more likely to stay where he is till some one comes and tells him something.
As he thus prayed, Minerva came close up to him in the likeness and with the voice of Mentor.
Then she took the form and voice of Mentor, and called Telemachus to come outside.
Though I am not your mentor, nor wish to be, at least I have a right to require that you shall not actually compromise me.
Servin, who had a sketch to finish, played the part of mentor to the two young people, who talked to each other chiefly in Corsican.
Polly had seen a good deal of him during her visits at the Shaws', where he was intimate, owing to the friendship between Madam and his mother; but she had never thought of him as a possible lover for either Fanny or herself because he was six or eight years older than they, and still sometimes assumed the part of a venerable mentor, as in the early days.
Women, and women of color in particular, are finding that having mentors and sponsors means the difference between getting ahead and hitting a cement ceiling.
Deloitte also has developed an internal mentoring database, where an employee can look for willing mentors in the firm.
Other studies have documented the positive effects of mentoring on the mentors themselves (Ganser, 1997; Gordon & Maxey, 2000; Holloway, 2001), in that it positively affects teacher efficacy for both.
A review of the literature and the findings from the New Lives teen pregnancy study support the idea that researchers, service providers, and other community health planners should consider specific criteria for selecting mentors (Kelly, Bobo, McLachlan, Avery, & Burge, 2006; Shaw et al.