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(22.) Donatella Della Porta and Yves Meny (eds.), Democracy and Corruption In Europe (Pinter, London, 1997).
Summarize the Center-Periphery debate that is outlined in Meny & Wright, with particular regard to the specific country you have selected to read about in that work.
The upshot was that at 9:30 on Monday morning, 6 October, Cadman telephoned CFP's Jules Meny to say that he had already seen Harry Seidel and now believed an arrangement could be arrived at along the lines the French desired.(44)
Meny, Yves and Yves Surel (eds.) (2002), Democracies and the Populist Challenge, New York: Palgrave.
Meningococcal carriage was previously assessed in university students in the United Kingdom during 2009-10 at the University of Nottingham (UoN) when a high prevalence of capsular group Y (MenY) meningococcal carriage was detected (3).
After 1981 with the election of Mitterrand as president, were made important steps in the field of decentralization, considering that the great task of the president consisted of truthfully applying the principle of decentralization and autonomy (Meny, 1987: 66).
Es en este sentido que pueden interpretarse las siguientes definiciones de politicas publicas aportadas por Meny y Thoenig (992:266):