MEODMulti-Element Odour Detection
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The [sup.1]H NMR spectrum (MeOD, 500 MHz, Figure S1) of compound B1 showed characteristic glycoside hydrogen signals between [delta] 3.26 and 3.81 ppm.
[sup.1]H-NMR (400 MHz, MeOD): [delta] 8.68 ([sup.1]H, s, [H.sub.2]), 8.02 ([sup.1]H, d, J = 7.5 Hz, H-5), 7.39 (2H, d, J = 8.5 Hz, H-2' and 6'), 6.98 ([sup.1]H, dd, J = 7.5 and 1.5 Hz, H-6), 7.18 ([sup.1]H, d, J = 3.0 Hz, H-8), 6.85 (2H, d, J = 8.7 Hz, H-3' and 5'), 3.83 (3H, s, H-4'-OC[H.sub.3]), 3.43-5.21 (14H, m, O-[beta]-glucosyl [1-6] glc).
[sup.1]H NMR(400 MHz, MeOD): [delta] 7.72 (2H, d, J = 8 Hz, H-2', H-6'), [delta] 7.50 (1H, t, J = 8 Hz, H-4'), [delta] 7.43 (2H, t, J = 8 Hz, H-3', H-5'), [delta] 7.33 (2H, d, J = 8 Hz, H-2, H-6), [delta] 6.91 (2H, d, J = 8 Hz, H-3, H-5), [delta] 6.46 (1H, br t, J = 4 Hz, N[]-9), [delta] 5.4 (1H, t, J = 4 Hz, H-7), [delta] 3.84 (2H, m, H-8), [delta] 3.81 (3H, s, OC[[].sub.3]-4), [delta] 2.10 (3H, s, C7-COOC[[].sub.3]).
Epoxidation of methyl esters of castor oil Selectivity to epoxide Catalyst Conversion (%) MEOD MEODECEN MDEOD MHEOD Al2O3 9.5 -- 3.0 9.9 87.1 SnO 39.0 2.4 4.0 8.0 85.7 SnO2 5.1 -- 3.5 6.5 90.5 Reaction temperature T = 110[degrees]C, reaction time t = 7 h, tert-butanol as solvent, 2 ml of a homogenized solution 6% hydrogen peroxide ([H.sub.2][O.sub.2]) in 1-phenylethanol, catalyst mass [m.sub.cata] = 0.1 g of catalyst.
5: [sup.13]C NMR (125.7 MHz, CD[Cl.sub.3] + MeOD), [delta]: 26.56, 32.50 (2 C), 47.58 (2 C), 61.09, 74.81.
One of the midrashic significations of God's final allembracing assessment of this creation, "that it was very good" (tov meod), is a contrastive one--this world is good as opposed to all the other worlds which were created and destroyed.
ani xoshevet she yoter harbe meod anashim she loh mexabdim exad et ha sheni ve ravim ve kol miney dvarim kaele [CP1] `I think that too lots of many people (sic) that (people) don't respect one another and quarrel and all kinds of things like that' [CP1] b.
Glantz, a Chasidic/rock/world-beat singer and musician, with bushy black beard, long twirly sidelocks, and a powerful stage presence, joined forces with Gidi Gov, the quintessential secular sabra singer, to sing `Kol Ha-Olam Kulo, Gesher Tzar Meod.' (The whole world is a very narrow bridge.) The chorus, belted out by the two performers on stage, as well as everyone in the packed auditorium, is: "But the main thing above all, is not to be afraid at all."
Division G saw the UFO 34 Spider, skippered by Mick Austin, gain a vital three place margin in the final race to overtake series leader Allo Allo (Claire Meod) and win the series by two points.
MEOD rewritable MO drives, 230MB, 1.3GB & 2.0GB MD
Analytical HPLC (ZORBAX SB-C8): [t.sub.R] = 2.1 min (flow rate: 1 [cm.sup.3] [min.sup.-1]; UV = 220 nm; isocratic C[H.sub.3]CN:[H.sub.2]O = 30:70), purity 99+%; UV ([H.sub.2]O): [[lambda].sub.max] 492 nm, [epsilon] = 18,333 [cm.sup.-1] [M.sup.-1]); [sup.1]H-NMR (300 MHz, MeOD, ppm) [delta] 0.89- 0.91 (m, 6H), 1.01-1.80 (m, 45H), 2.00-2.09 (m, 16H), 2.38-2.43 (m, 16H), 3.29-3.32 (m, 16H, partially overlapped with MeOD peak), 3.48-3.88 (m, 6H), 4.03-4.55 (m, 9H), 5.00-5.41 (m, 2H), 6.66-6.78 (m, 6H), 7.09-7.34 (m, 4H), 7.70 (m, 1H), 7.80 (m, 1H), 8.06 (m, 1H); MALDI-TOF-MS [[M + Na].sup.+] calcd for [C.sub.104][H.sub.171][N.sub.31][O.sub.18]SNa m/z 2198.30, found 2198.96.