MEOLUTMedium Earth Orbit Local User Terminal (GalileoSat)
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By pointing to satellites near the horizon, the McMurdo Horizon MEOLUT can detect and locate emergency beacons much farther away.
Since its commissioning in 2016, MEOLUT Next has been detecting distress signals more than 5,000 km away.
MEOLUT Next was able to receive and process their distress signals in less than five minutes, providing accurate positioning to authorities.
Cyprus is proud to host one of the three Galileo ground stations known as MEOLUTS (Medium Earth Orbiting Local User Terminals) that will support the implementation of the COSPAS-SARSAT System for search and rescue, the minister said.
The service will provide a SAR support service, which is implemented by Search and Rescue transponders embarked on the Galileo satellites and through a network of three European ("MEOLUT"s) to be located in Cyprus, Norway and Spain (Canary Islands).
The installation of the MEOLUT station in Cyprus has been completed and the testing operation of the system is expected to conclude within 2014," said Demetriades.
The MEOLUT (Medium Earth Orbit Local User Terminal) is part of the MEOSAR (Medium Earth Orbit Search and Rescue) System of the COSPAS-SARSAT System.
Under the contract, the company will upgrade and maintain the existing Cospas-Sarsat systems, including the low earth orbiting local user terminals (LEOLUT), geo-stationary orbit local user terminal (GEOLUT), medium earth orbit local user terminal (MEOLUT), and mission control centre (MCC), besides providing new installations for RCCNET clients.