MEOPMaximum Expected Operating Pressure
MEOPMarine Mammal Exploration of the Oceans - Pole to Pole
MEOPMetastability-Exchange Optical Pumping
MEOPManufacturing Edge of Part (materials)
MEOPMigrant Education Outreach Program
MEOPMetastable Exchange Optical Pumping
MEOPMusician Enlistment Option Program (US Marine Corps)
MEOPMedium Earth Orbit Plane
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Particulas Tratamento % B % P MEop (g/[cm.sup.3]) TUc (%) T1 100 0 0,650 12,82 T2 75 25 0,643 12,69 T3 50 50 0,652 12,82 T4 25 75 0,652 12,46 T5 0 100 0,648 12,84 Em que: %B = porcentagem de bambu; %P = porcentagem de pinus; MEop = massa especifica observada no painel; TUc = teor de umidade do colchao.
"Nobody was expecting that the MEOP seals from Bouvetoya would swim straight to the Antarctic and stay along the Fimbul Ice Shelf for the entire winter.
The maximum pressure was set as the MEOP and was held for 30 minutes.
14, almost perfect Kaiser effects were observed below 30% of the MEOP in Fig.
Our concept includes a remote type of operation where the [.sup.3]He is polarized in a central production facility by MEOP and compressed afterwards in detachable NSF cells.
Two optical pumping methods have been employed to produce polarized gas for these applications: spin-exchange optical pumping (SEOP), [9-12] in which the gas is polarized directly at high pressure, and metastability-exchange optical pumping (MEOP) [13-15], in which the gas is polarized at low pressure ([sim] 0.1 kPa) and then compressed.