MEOPAMélange Equimoléculaire Oxygène Protoxyde d'Azote (French: Oxygen Equimolar Mixture of Nitrous Oxide; analgesic)
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Supply and rental of oxygen-nitrous oxide (meopa) oxygen and equimolar mixing bottles with traceability
Main features: the present consultation concerns the supply of medicinal oxygen and equimolar mixture of medicinal oxygen and nitrous oxide (meopa), the rental of bottles, their transport, their delivery to the departmental pharmacy and their traceability.
Supply of medical gases: Meopa (equimolar mixture of oxygen and nitrous oxide) for the period from 01/02/2016 to 10/31/2016 renewable 3 times for a period of 12 months ie until 10.31.2019.
Supply and delivery of medicinal oxygen and 50% oxygen equimolar mixture - 50% nitrous oxide (Meopa), with rental of containers 3 lots in favor of the marine battalion brigade Marseille and other city services to Marseille.
Contract notice: Fourniture and delivery of medicinal oxygen and equimolar mixture of 50% oxygen - 50% nitrous oxide (meopa), with rental of containers 3 lots in favor of the marine battalion brigade marseille and other services of the city of marseille.
Supply of medical gases (oxygen and medical Meopa), rental of medical oxygen and nitrous oxide flow meter with built-holder and replacement of empty bottles refilled and buy fake bottles for SDIS 27 bottles bottles.
Shopping bags of transport and protection system for bottle equimolar mixture of oxygen and nitrous oxide (Meopa) capacity of 5 liters and any repairs.
Ha publicado La leyenda del santo bebedor, La puerta de los pajaros y Pameos y meopas. Tambien expone con regularidad en galerias y centros de arte europeos e imparte conferencias y cursos sobre ilustracion y comic.
Veamos un rapido repaso: Relatos (Sudamericana, 1970), Pameos y meopas (Barcelona, Ocnos, 1971), "La isla a mediodia" y otros relatos (Barcelona, Salvat/RTVE, 1971, con prologo de Ana Maria Matute),9 Prosa del Observatorio (Barcelona, Lumen, 1972), Libro de Manuel (Sudamericana, 1973), La casilla de los Morelli (Barcelona, Tusquets, 1973, con prologo de Julio Ortega), Octaedro (Sudamericana y Alianza, 1974), Historias de cronopios y de famas (Barcelona, EDHASA, 1974), Fantomas contra los vampiros internacionales (Mexico, Excelsior, 1975), Silvalandia (Mexico, Ed.
For Cortazar, literature, like life, was a game, one in which poemas (poems) could become pameos and meopas. The collection finally appeared, posthumously, in a 1984 Mexican edition under the title Salvo el crepusculo.
just before Cortazar put together his second poetry collection, Pameos and Meopas; and published what, according to Ferre, is his most important work: Observatory Prose, a volume of illustrated essays.