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MEOWMicrosoft Extended Object Wire
MEOWMoral Equivalent Of War
MEOWMaximum Envelope of Winds
MEOWMaximum Envelope of Water
MEOWMen Enjoying Older Women (Arizona)
MEOWMachine Embroiderers of Oregon and Washington (McMinnville, OR)
MEOWMulti-Mode Electro-Optic Weapon
MEOWMultiple Engineering Order Wire
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Game of Thrones author and fellow Santa Fe resident George RR Martin is one of Meow Wolf's biggest investors.
PLAY AND DISPLAY: Actress and cabaret performer Meow Meow as Lovely Rita the Meter Maid with, inset, her traffic warden guard of honour
In 2015- 16, 57kg of Meow Meow was seized by NCB's Delhi zone, compared to 3kg in 2014- 15.
In an interview he described the terrifying experience the first time he tried meow meow.
HARM "He's going to do himself some serious harm if he keeps taking meow meow.
The Million Meow Mission is intended to help all cats experience a loving home, including sick cats in "fospice" care, which is hospice care by a foster family.
Cat's Meow is also the subject of Patent Pending status within the United States Patent and Trademark Office.
Sources say the teenager's death may be linked to the use of Meow Meow, or MCAT, a deadly stimulant also known as Mephedrone.
Earlier this week, two people were in intensive care and a third was also in hospital after taking the Class B drug, known as M-Cat and meow meow.
Meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow," Emily said, rubbing her head against her mother's shin.
If you don't buy the Cat's Meow of Holy Rosary at the Clinton Historical Society or Sunrise Boutique, then you are buying stolen property," said Robert Latini, of the Clinton Historical Society.