MEPASMultimedia Environmental Pollutant Assessment System
MEPASMedische Praktijk Assistent (Medical Practice Assistant, Belgium)
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Other people said MEPAS purpose is to discover the interests and concerns of stakeholders and the general public regarding a proposed project.
Kanal D and ATV and the conglomerates that control them have joined forces against Show TV and Cine 5 in a broadcast battle fought in the press (via Sabah, Hurriyet, and Milliyet), the courts (a case worth tens of millions of dollars between Cine 5 and Channel D/ATV over the rights to national soccer broadcasts), and the ad sector (two rival media buying groups, BIMAS, representing Channel D and TV, and MEPAS, representing Show TV and Cine 5, fight to undercut each other among Turkey's limited pool of advertisers.