MEPCOMMilitary Entrance Processing Command (US Army)
MEPCOMMilitary Enlistment Processing Command
MEPCOMMobile Electric Power Command (Army)
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The said public consultation was spearheaded by CDR GODOFREDO G VAGILIDAD JR PCG, Chief of Staff of MEPCOM and was attended by representatives from the different shipping companies, Malayan Towage Company and PCG accredited MARPOL equipments suppliers.
From the MEPCOM accession file, we extract information on servicemembers that is observable at accession, including Armed Forces Qualification Test (AFQT) score, months spent in DEP, race/ethnicity, age, and waivers.
'As soon as the weather here in Masbate improves, we will send the samples to the Marine Environmental Protection Command (Mepcom) so they can review them,' he added.