MEPHMethanolic Extracts of Peanut Hulls
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Like they don't advertise and say for example, "Ok this is half a gram of meph but it's also half a gram of washing powder." If you're giving me teething gel I would like to know.
The drugs found in bath salts (MEPH and MDPV) are synthetic derivatives of CATH.
On the advice of the ACMD, the Government are to ban a raft of other highs as well as meph.
The Daily Post reported last month how drugs charities were warning people not to use the plant food, known on the street as Meow, MCAT, Mieow or Meph.
MEPH. But Faustus, thou must bequeathe it solemnely, And write a deede of gift with thine owne blood, For that security craves great Lucifer ...
?Quien otro veria en el Aleph la tierra, y en la tierra otro Meph, y en este otra vez la tierra y asi indefinidamente?
It is also known as Meow, Meow, or Meph, and reports say that it can be compulsive to use and can create a state of psychological dependence.
The white or yellowish powder is known by a series of nicknames, including miaow-miaow, meph, 4-MMC, MCAT, MC and drone.
Also known as Cathinones, Mieow, Meow, Miaow Miaow, Meph, Mephedrone, MCAT, 4MMC.
It will put the narcotic - known on the street as meow meow, MCAT or meph - on a par with amphetamines.
Known on the street as Meow, MCAT, Mieow or Meph, the substance can cause fits due to over stimulation of the heart and nervous system.