MEPLMary Evans Picture Library (est. 1964; London, UK)
MEPLManya Education Pvt. Ltd. (est. 2002; India)
MEPLMean Error Propagation Length
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The five MEPL drillholes, some of which intersected intervals of massive sulphides, do not appear to have tested the main AEM conductor.
MEPL has been collecting toll for the 5.6km Sea Link and has been maintaining it since 2009.
MEPL intends to supply power generated from the plant to Central Power Purchasing Agency.
In the sphere of regional languages, MEPL has successfully produced and released Marathi films such as 'Mumbai-Pune-Mumbai', 'Shahanpan Dega Deva' 'Faqta Ladh Mhana' and 'Khel Mandla'.
The agency's rating is based on MEPL's strong revenue growth in the last three fiscal years, its sole-supplier status for various products and its strong financial profile.
An announcement here on Friday said that the MEPL has agreed to allow significant discounts on Microsoft products to all ICAP members and students.
The ratings are based on MEPL's weak financial risk profile and small scale of operations, which were partially mitigated by the extensive experience of its promoters.
Afterward, the MEPL took decision to provide 121 solar pump sets in a twin-phased manner through shouldering the beneficiaries contribution of Rs.
Meanwhile, MEPL has launched the construction of two new units of 300 MW thermal power plants, with the two projects projected to boost its generating capacity to 900 MW.
As per the report, MEPL operates a 300 MW coal fired capacity at Krishnapatnam.
CRISIL believes that MEPL will maintain its credit risk profile over the medium term.
Contract award: review of action and development plan for rural areas baden-wE-rttemberg 2014-2020 (mepl iii).