MEPOMetropolitan Police
MEPOMoldovan Export Promotion Organisation (est. 2000; Germany)
MEPOMinority Engineering Program Office (various locations)
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At a hand-over ceremony in Korb, Germany, Haas general manager Bob Murray noted that the purchaser, MEPO Minoudis G.m.b.h., is typical of companies the builder works with--"successful and growing, with high standards and demanding customers." Peter Hall, managing director of Haas Automation Europe, observed that it was fitting the machine should be installed in Europe, which he said is "incredibly important for the future prosperity" of the machine-tool builder.
(29) National Archives London, Minutes of Proceedings of House of Commons Select Committee on Metropolitan Streets Improvement Bill, MEPO 2/154, 3 May 1872.
(40) National Archives, London, 'Police Orders', MEPO 7/30 (1868).
See also, for police reserve, PRO Metropolitan Police (hereafter MEPO) 5/118, Special Reserve.
Dc/Ac, Make- Motwane, Model, Dcm-49 Or Ausan- Mepo Make, Model Kn2775 Or Metravi Make, Model Dp-5250 As Per Detail Specification Catalogue Attached.
1, 1936, in Brooklyn, N.Y., to Irving and Mae Mepos Weinstein.
She raises like a child the creature who is soon called Cornelius Mepos and, given his talent for discovering treasure, becomes finance minister to Charles V, then his damned soul.
Major organization : MEPOS, PRSPEVKOV ORGANIZACE (00562238)