MEPS-ICMedical Expenditure Panel Survey - Insurance Component
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Using data from the 2014 MEPS-IC, Karen Davis found that public sector premiums for single coverage were higher than private sector premiums in all census divisions except West South Central.
The MEPS-IC is a nationally representative annual survey of more than forty thousand business establishments and state/local governments sponsored by the AHRQ.
The MEPS-IC is an annual survey containing data on approximately 34,000 private and state and local government establishments each year.
To derive national estimates, we first poststratify the survey data based on the distribution of firm sizes in the 1993 NEHIS and 1996 and 1998 MEPS-IC. Both the NEHIS and the MEPS-IC report the nationally representative number of firms corresponding to different size categories by state, year, and health insurance offering decision.
BEA's measures of consumer spending for health insurance are also based on MEPS-IC. BEA's estimates of spending on health care services in gross domestic product are largely based on Census Bureau surveys of services industries.
Eventually, agencies within DHHS collaborated to merge several data collection efforts into the MEPS-IC.
In this article, we examine trends in the ESI components of coverage using private-sector employer data from the MEPS-IC. As the effect of the recent economic downturn may confound the longer term trends in ESI, we examine trends from 2000 to 2008.
To estimate private health insurance premiums, we applied individual plan private premium levels by firm size in each state and year from the MEPS-IC to observations in the CPS by work status and firm size for adults living in the household.
We inflate the values for these premiums and accounts to values in 2018 and beyond by assuming a 6% annual growth rate, consistent with historical averages seen in the MEPS-IC and future projections in the National Health Expenditure Accounts data from the Office of the Actuary at the Centers for Medicare and Medicare Services (CMS).
(15.) MEPS-IC data are available from: Indexl01.htm (accessed May 11, 2005).
(4.) From 1997 through the first quarter of 2000, Commerce Department used the MEPS-IC in its revisions of GDP.