MEPSSMaintainer's Electronic Performance Support System (Georgia Tech Research Institute)
MEPSSMethodology for Product Service Systems (EU)
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MEPSs screen applicants, collectively conducting 312,000 medical exams annually and administering more than 469,000 of the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery tests, plus more than 694,000 student versions of the ASVAB to high school students, Johnson said.
Johnson said most prospective recruits' experiences at the MEPSs quickly eliminates any preconceived notions, possibly given to them by older veterans, of the old and often cold induction centers of the 1970s.
For example, the "fault tree" in Georgia Tech's MEPSS (entry 2001b), which displays the solution to a problem when the problem is clicked, is a good example (see Figure 17).
Another communication technique, used in Georgia Tech's MEPSS (entry 2001b), provides a "passdown function" that lets maintainers either report repairs they have completed or pass along helpful tips and hints to others.