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Component A of the prepolymer 200 of MDI was reacted ha excess dry ethyl acetate with 60 meq. (10.3 ml) of 400 PEG and 20 meq.
b e [q.sub.m] sao as constantes de Langmuir, b e a constante relacionada a energia livre de adsorcao (L [meq.sup.-1]) e [q.sub.m] e a capacidade do adsorvente em (meq [g.sup.-1]).
This can be achieved with the same treatments used for dissolution, but at lower doses: sodium bicarbonate (1.2 g twice a day), balanced citrates (30-45 mEq a day), or potassium citrate (20-30 mEq a day).
Hyperkalemia was managed with calcium chloride for cardiac membrane stabilization along with insulin infusion and a total of 50 mEq of sodium bicarbonate boluses initially.
Aecom's investment arm Aecom Capital and Mass Equities, a private equity real estate investment firm based in Santa Monica, California, and announce a new partnership for the development of MEQ's 2017 property acquisition in Denver's emerging River North Art District.
According to Mongin (1981), DEB refers to the difference between positive and negative ions present in the diet (Na+ + K+ - Cl-) and is commonly expressed as meq kg-1 dry matter (DM).
Finally, based on the strong ion theory applied to the interpretation of acid base balance, and considering that the SID (calculated as: SID=[Na.sup.+] + [K.sup.+] - [Cl.sup.-1]) in the calf's plasma is around 40mmol [L.sup.-1], it should be understood that the OES with effective SID greater than 40mEq [L.sup.-1] are alkalizing, while those with effective SID near zero mEq [L.sup.-1] are acidifying (CONSTABLE, 2003).