MERADMedical Education Research And Development
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Once investors truly understand the power of the Company's MERAD technology I am confident they will realize that this interest was well founded.
The MERAD technology is considered superior because the logic instructions for processing information have been effectively digitized and stored as integrated database content rather than as repetitive computer language code.
The Company owns approximately 22% of HALIS and also receives a royalty of 10% on all gross revenues associated with HALIS' products and services that utilize its MERAD technology.
MERAD intends to be the first company to provide both search and process capabilities for software applications.
Using an advanced multi-media object and relational database, MERAD creates knowledge objects that can be used and reused in a virtually unlimited number of combinations to provide extremely efficient applications that can be accessed and processed in both an Intranet and Internet environment.
HES was developed using the MERAD technology and is considered to be the most advanced system in the industry.
MERAD based systems can be developed for any industry, and the Company will likely expand into other information intensive industries such as financial services, insurance, and real estate.
MERAD is the development platform we will use for our new healthcare offerings and our next generation of hospitality products.
With the MERAD technology, virtually all of the connections can be implemented directly into the multi-media database by the end user.
The MERAD technology enables the user to define the way the application will behave by interacting directly with the data.
Initially, MERAD will be used in the HALIS system, which is owned by HALIS Software, Inc.