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But there is still very little data on the efficacy of these new drugs developed in the West with patients who follow a different diet, especially as the immune system is greatly shaped by our diet and the microbes that therefore live in our intestines," Dr Merad said.
Jamais depuis sa prise de fonctions en mai, le president francais n'avait ete accompagne a l'etranger d'une delegation aussi nombreuse: pres de 200 personnes dont neuf ministres, une douzaine de responsables politiques, une quarantaine d'hommes d'affaires, des ecrivains, des artistes parmi lesquels le comedien ne en Algerie Kad Merad, tres populaire en France, et une centaine de journalistes.
Ali Merad, professor of Islamic Studies at the University of Lyon, France, is a modern-day proponent of Christian-Muslim dialog.
The presence of France's go-to average Joe, Kad Merad ("Welcome to the Sticks") and Cecile de France could help boost Euro sales.
(82.) Allen CE, Li L, Peters TL, Leung HC, Yu A, Man TK, Gurusidappa S, Phillips MT, Hicks MJ, Gaikwad A, Merad M, McClain KL.
A widower father of five girls, when he's down a well Pascal says: ''I'm a long way from the sky.'' He would like his teenage daughter Patricia (Astrid Bergs-Frisbey) to marry his middle-aged partner, Flipe Rambert (Kad Merad).
The 3.8km pipeline will transport sewage from Jerash to the Merad Wastewater Treatment Plant, in an effort to reduce pressure on the 40-year-old facility.
Now that we know that microglia originate in early embryos, theoretically we should be able to generate microglia from embryonic stem cells to treat brain diseases caused by defective microglia," said Miriam Merad of the Mount Sinai School of Medicine.
The gangster is Charly Matte (Jean Reno) who, after miraculously surviving the attempt on his life, sets about finding who was responsible, with suspicion swiftly falling on his fellow hood and long-time friend Tony (Kad Merad).
(3) Such a reading of nationalism in Algeria, for example, is given in Fudayl al-Wartilani, Al-jaza'ir al-tha'ira (Beirut: Matba'at al-'ibad, 1956), Ali Merad, Le reformisme musulman en Algerie de 1925 a 1940.
Soprano Malia Bendi Merad, on a swing and flying around the stage, delivered the forest bird's highflying music without apparent effort, all the while giving life to the puppet bird in her lap.
Jacky (Kad Merad) is at once the comic relief and one of the film's great tragic figures.