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merA and merB, to detoxify methyl-Hg, which is then converted to Hg[degrees] by merA.
The UT Knoxville and ORNL researchers, working with colleagues from the University of Georgia and University of California, San Francisco, were able to determine the mechanism - at the most detailed level - of how the MerB enzyme breaks apart the dangerous methylmercury molecule.
(65) Kopecny seconds this objection, arguing that if, as some think, Slavic merb also means "glorious," then Bohumir would essentially have the same meaning as Bohuslav, Vladimir would be the same as Vladislav.
In order to explore the potential of plants to extract and detoxify methyl mercury, Arabidopsis thaliana was engineered to express a modified bacterial gene, merBpe, encoding MerB under control of a plant promoter.
In the forensic and anthropological literature there are scant reports of spondylolysis that could potentially represent misdiagnosed cases of an articulating neural arch (e.g., Mays 2007; Merbs 2002; Nathan 1959; Stewart 1953).
This trade, however, may have opened up the community to the possibilities of infection through the introduction of new pathogens via visitors to the community (Dobyns 1992, 1993; Merbs 1992; Roberts and Manchester 2005).
Shannath Merbs, Serge Resnikoff, Amir Bedri Kello, Silvio Mariotti, Gregory Greene, and Sheila K.
En las caras de estas vertebras se presentaron intervertebrales nodulos de Schmorl, formados generalmente cuando los discos cartilaginosos intervertebrales son destruidos en su etapa de formacion y con mas frecuencia durante la ninez cuando son sometidos a esfuerzos fisicos y el sujeto soporta cargas pesadas (Merbs, como se cito en Arias y Pool, 2003, p.
Esta ultima abordagem, mais recentemente denominada como alteracoes entesicas propicia o estabelecimento de padroes de solicitacao mecanico-muscular e postural ao reconstituir os grupos musculares mais solicitados e, consequentemente, permite inferencias sobre os possiveis movimentos realizados (Kennedy 1983; Kelley e Angel 1987; Hawkey e Merbs 1995; Churchill e Morris 1998; Hawkey 1998; Robb 1998; Steen e Lane 1998; Stirland 1998; Wilczak 1998; Lovell e Dublenko 1999; Estevez-Gonzalez 2002; Weiss 2003, 2004, 2007, 2010; al-Oumaoui et al 2004; Eshed et al 2004; Molnar 2006; Lieverse et al 2009; Ponce 2010; Villotte et al, 2010).
The fractures are sharp and have inwardly beveled and obliquely angled edges that are the same colour as the undamaged bone, indicating perimortem timing (Merbs, 1989; Buikstra and Ubelaker, 1994; Kress et al., 1995; Ubelaker and Adams, 1995; Lovell, 1997; Sauer, 1998; Wieberg and Westcott, 2008).
(16.) Parrella P, Caballero OL, Sidransky D, Merbs SL.
Shannath Merbs is an eye surgeon and cancer researcher at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore, MD.