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In the forensic and anthropological literature there are scant reports of spondylolysis that could potentially represent misdiagnosed cases of an articulating neural arch (e.g., Mays 2007; Merbs 2002; Nathan 1959; Stewart 1953).
A utilizacao destes marcadores opera sob a premissa de que o grau e o tipo de marcas estao diretamente relacionados com a quantidade e duracao de estresse habitual em uma area de fixacao tendineo-ligamentar (Hawkey e Merbs 1995), podendo fornecer um registro da acumulacao do esforco fisico em populacoes passadas (Churchill e Morris 1998).
Este ligamento esta envolvido em movimentos intensos e repetitivos dos bracos (Hawkey e Merbs 1995).
Merbs (1989, 1997) had previously identified a number of possible polar bear victims at two Thule Inuit sites (prehistoric or early contact, or both) on the west coast of Hudson Bay, opposite Southampton Island (Fig.
In marked contrast with those sites, the human remains recovered from Burial 24 are virtually complete and lack the extreme fragmentation reported by Merbs. Despite this obvious difference, however, we nonetheless suspected that a bear might also have been responsible for the Sadlermiut woman's skeletal damage, particularly the cranial puncture wounds, which we believed were caused by canines.
Shannath Merbs (see below) at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, where patients with serious eye problems and diseases are treated.
Shannath Merbs, Eye Surgeon and Cancer Researcher Johns Hopkins University, School of Medicine, Baltimore, MD
Data for entheseal changes were recorded according to the method developed by Hawkey and Merbs (1995), which uses an ordinal scale to record the approximate size and severity of the entheseal change (Table 3).
Hawkey and Merbs (1995) address ossification exostoses in their publication regarding activity reconstruction; however, because these distinct bone growths are believed to be the result of more acute trauma (e.g., avulsion) and have been addressed as such in previous bioarchaeological publication (Buzon and Richman 2007; Judd 2000; Kilgore et al.
Los marcadores oseos de actividad se han definido como lesiones oseas localizadas en los sitios de insercion de los musculos y los tendones, causados por su prolongada hiperactividad (Dutour 1986); o como las marcas producidas por los musculos, los ligamentos o los tendones cuando se insertan en el hueso (Hawkey y Merbs 1995).
El diagnostico y la descripcion de las fracturas fue hecha desde la observacion de los siguientes rasgos establecidos segun criterios anatomo-patologicos (Adams 1976; Larsen 1997; Merbs 1983; Ortner y Putschar 1997; Steinbock 1976): neoformacion, ausencia y/o reabsorcion osea; solucion de continuidad en las estructuras anatomicas, ademas de las consecuencias morfologicas, como anomalias de forma y/o tamano; textura cortical superficial densa (proceso cicatricial) o porosa (reabsorcion activa).
Perimortem traumas were not considered in the analysis due to the uncertainty associated with their identification; this research instead focuses on evidence of healed trauma (Figures 2 and 3; Merbs 1989).