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MERCSMedical Economics and Research Centre, Sheffield (est. 1995; UK)
MERCSMerchant Ship Crypto System
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Here's a modish Merc, stiff with old school virtues that you'll be busting to drive when you get up in the morning.
Getting in gear: Jason Plato tries out top class Mercs and Audis this week.
In a statement, the government's Media Information Center said the Mercs Uhana was attacked at 2:30 a.m.
So it's less than an hour to modern France and modern multifreeway Europe, where turbo Saabs and the big Mercs roar south down the autoroute from Cologne and Copenhagen at 210 kilometres per hour, honking, blinking and threatening to crush the lagging old Renaults which have been driven out onto the highway by the poor, cowering locals who are only looking for a quick short-cut to their cousins in the next town.
In the UK, the second-largest European market, another sales record was set in 2015, with a total of 144,474 Mercs handed over to customers - that's up a huge 17 per cent.
Peston, who presents a new show, Peston Goes Shopping, said: "We bought all the cheap stuff made by China's low-cost factories and watched as our manufacturers closed down - while Germany did the more prudent thing of investing in businesses that made things (Mercs and production plants) that the Chinese wanted to buy."
World coming to an end and they had nothing better to do than charge suicidally around in Ferraris and Mercs.
The 2.8 turbo petrol engine is not going to be the cheapest to run, but if you can afford around 22mpg and hefty insurance, you will certainly stand out from the crowd of Beemers and Mercs while still being able to show most of them a clean pair of rear wheels.
"When I joined in 1979 one of my first tasks was to police around a Blackburn nightclub where one of the issues was Asian men cruising around in BMWs and Mercs trying to pick up young drunken girls," he said.
The market removes the Red Bull, Ferrari, McLaren and Mercedes drivers from the equation and, after qualifying seventh, Barrichello starts with the two Mercs as a cushion between himself and his nearest rival in this market.
I love old Mercs and this is one of the most beautiful cars I have seen.
Half of it is said to have gone on flashy cars including Range Rovers, BMWs, Mercs, Aston Martins, an Audi, Lamborghini, Ferrari, and half a dozen Porsches.