MERCoMerchant Ship Reporting and Control
MERCoMercantile Communications (US Navy)
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It is observed that companies in the sample are reputed companies (average of 5,559 in the MERCO ranking) and they are quite committed to CSR (average of 89,72).
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President Fernandez made the remarks during a speech on Thursday at the Pink House in Buenos Aires and in which she also urged the UK to discuss the issue of the Malvinas (Falklands) just like US and Cuba talked over their differences, Merco Press reported.
Abo Abo and Richards allegedly recruited the victims through Merco Recruitment Agency while the Solano couple was said to have functioned as facilitators here.
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Birmingham Crown Court heard that Osman had gone to a the Merco station, in Hockley, at 6am on April 22 last year where he had an argument with the cashier over the sale of batteries.