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MERDMangrove Ecosystem Research Division (Vietnam National University)
MERDMarxism and Education: Renewing Dialogues (seminar series)
MERDMinimum Eligible Release Date (corrections)
MERDMine Emergency Responsiveness Development
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The new BMX academy does not support specialized mine rescue team training at this time, but does provide self-escape and self-rescue as part of its miner, MERD exercises and command center training activities.
Representative of a trend across several of the facilities, the RLC features removable walls that can be rearranged to suit specific training needs and MERD scenarios.
Their training also includes participation in a regional mine rescue contest and a biennial collegiate MERD held at the Edgar mine.
The previous mine rescue training facility research recommended that team training be more based on MERD exercises.
The game is scenario-based and prepares the trainees for the fully engaging, MERD exercises that are designed to further prepare the mine rescue teams for application of skills and knowledge in emergency scenario contexts set up within their own simulated mine facility.
The increased use of MERD exercises and a reality focus in the training suggests that mine rescue training professionals can benefit by closer ties with academic, government, and industry researchers who are identifying new technologies, methods and practices to improve mine safety practices.