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Merid Wolde Aregay (1988) 'The early history of Ethiopia's coffee trade and the rise of Shawa'.
Sia Z (merid.) sia DO (region.) sia GRADIT (RE[gionale] merid.) contrassegnano l'accezione in senso diatopico.
For this reason, journalists who have sought refuge in Europe are being given a chance to meet and talk to the media at our Paris headquarters on 20 June.These exiled journalists will take part in the meeting: Than Win Htut (Burma), Massoud Hamid (Syria),Jesus Zuniga (Cuba), Lucie Umukundwa (Rwanda), Ahmed Al Allef (Iraq), Merid Estifanos (Ethiopia).
Merid.", the letter "n" used by Chamisso to designate type specimens of his new species, so it is certainly original material.
Although Tom Payn and their Kenyans will be missing, they have been able to name Tom Penfold, Staffordshire champion Mark Dalkins, Julian Moorhouse, Martin Whitehouse, Tim Wherrit and Tek Merid.
The volume, as one might expect from Professor Rubenson, and his co-editors, Dr Merid Wolde Aregay and Dr Amsalu Aklilu of Addis Ababa University, is excellently produced, indexed and translated.
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