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Merin was recognized for his distinguished record of exemplary service to the industry and to the community, as well as for his significant personal accomplishments.
Only a Tortoise, that is adept in the a o merin j'oba scenario will urge Buhari to dismiss Obasanjo and the men of God or attack their cause as ungodly.
The band came third overall with member Merin Lleu winning the top solo prize.
The case against Santos, Dazo and Merin stemmed from the complaint of Iluminada Leetiong, who alleged that the officers asked for P120,000 when they came to their house on Jan.
According to Merin, the organization "wanted to show that sending aid missions means meeting certain standards.
"On the next day we flew down to Kochi and Aadhi was taken in an ambulance from the airport to the hospital (about 40km away)," said Jenny Merin Fabeer, his mother.
Let us hope the premature death of Merin Hodgkinson will prove a similar spur here in North Wales.
Mesozoic magmatism tectonically related to the breakup of Gondwana is well represented in the Uruguayan extension of the Parana Basin and in the rift-type basins of Santa Lucia and Laguna Merin (Fig.1).
Author Barbara Merin first established herself as a gifted novelist with "Quest For Life".
"Plenty of capital and interest still [exist] in the market, and we expect that to continue," said Andrew Merin, executive vice president of Cushman & Wakefield's Metropolitan Area Financial Services Group.