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MERLMerlin (bird species Falco columbarius)
MERLMitsubishi Electric Research Laboratory
MERLMunicipal Environmental Research Laboratory
MERLMicroelectronics Research Laboratory (Rutgers University)
MERLMaterial Engineering Research Laboratory (UK)
MERLMinimum Essential Requirements List
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Mr Korletey explained that labour recruitment agencies after registering at the Registrar Generals Department also need a signed Private Employment Certificate from MERL to operate legally.
MERL, which has become famous for its witty Twitter account following theviral sensation of the absolute unit, was quick to respond to Musk's Tweet.
Rich's research included the Collagen/Disco collaborative dialog manager, an effort at developing and using tools for managing dialog based on the Grosz, Sidner, Lochbaum, Kraus theory of dialog and collaboration; the development in 1995 of the MERL Diamond Park, a social virtual reality world using networked computers; and his most recent work with Sonia Chernova, Dmitry Berenson, Anahita MohseniKabir, and Candy Sidner, which permits the simultaneous learning by a robot of low level primitive actions and hierarchical task networks with minimal demonstrations.
Synopsis: Following the unprecedented transformation of the criminal systems of Latin America and Spain, the "Merl Bilingual Criminal Law Dictionary" lists the most important terms and expressions related to criminal law and procedure and their equivalents in English and Spanish as they appear in legal sources and are used in the courts today.
Merl Paaverud, director of the State Historical Society of North Dakota, estimated the site would require an annual state appropriation of about $60,000 for maintenance and to pay part-time staff.
"The evidence that retirement is on the minds of virtually every American worker is encouraging," Merl Baker, principal for Brightwork Partners, said in a statement.
Applied Market Information, MERL Oilfield Engineering With Polymers 2012, Millennium Gloucester Hotel, London, U.K., Sally Humphreys, tel.: +44 117 924 9442; fax: +44 (0) 117 311 1534; www.
Benson and MERL arrived at their conclusions separately.
(NYSE:A), Hongfa Electroacoustic Co., Ltd., BPL Global, Cienet Technologies (Beijng) Co., Ltd., Citiway Technology Co., Ltd., Hua Wei Technologies Co., Ltd., China Electri Equipment Group, CPL Power, Dongfang Electric Corporation R&D Center (SHA:600875), FUJITSU (China) Holdings Co., Ltd., Flextronics Infrastructure, Guodian Nanjing Automation Co., Ltd., Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories (MERL), NEC Electronics (China) Co., Ltd., Nuvoton Electronics Technology (SH) Ltd.
Kalrez 0090 has achieved the highest '0000' rating in the Norsok M 710 Rev 2 tests recently conducted in the UK by the independent Materials Engineering Research Laboratory (MERL).
AMI conference in London in association with the Materials Engineering Research Laboratory (MERL).