MERLAMinnesota Environmental Response and Liability Act
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Estas competencias identificadas coinciden con varias de las identificadas por Merla (2012) en su estudio realizado en la Universidad de Nova, donde identifico 11 competencias criticas que requiere el docente para usar efectivamente la tecnologia.
Com relacao aos conhecimentos adquiridos para o exercicio profissional, 94,7% (95%IC: 91,3-96,8) afirmaram ser suficientes na area de seguranca, 55,9% (95%IC: 49,8-61,8) sobre drogas ilicitas (maconha, merla, crack, etc.) e 54,5% (95%IC: 48,5-60,3) sobre drogas licitas (alcool e tabaco) (Tabela 1).
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In [2] Piuzzi and Merla use a circuital model composed of two parallel capacitors, associated to the electromagnetic effects that occur on the contact surface between the surface of the coaxial cable and the sample being tested.
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They said that they had purchased a 17 kanal and 8 merla piece of land at Ramora Chakdara from a resident of Shamozai Swat through a sale dead of Rs 30 million which he had purchased from Dilshad Begum, a legal heir of late Nawab of Dir Shah Jehan Khan.
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One of Johnson's favorite finds is among the few diet book titles in the Stanford library collection: Detox, a 1984 volume written by a Stanford alumna, Merla Zellerbach.