MERMMechanical Engineering Reference Manual
MERMMars Exploration Rover Mission (US NASA)
MERMMortgage Enterprise Risk Management Framework (Visionet Systems)
MERMMerlin-Ezrin-Radixin-Moesin (hormones)
MERMMouse Embryonic Renal Marker
MERMMedium Extended Range Mortar
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"Illegal wildlife trafficking, which targets many iconic and threatened species, is a global challenge that can only be tackled through collective, international action," Van Merm told DW.
[23] Luna and Frost [37] MERM [38] LPI = 0 Very low Little to none None 0 < LPI < 5 Low Minor Low 5 < LPI < 15 High Moderate Medium 15 < LPI Very high Major High TABLE 5: Liquefaction potential index results.
MERM principal investigator Steve Squyres, from Cornell University, said of the discovery, "What's so special about Esperance is that there was enough water not only for reactions that produced clay minerals, but also enough to flush out ions set loose by those reactions, so that Opportunity can clearly see the alteration." The rock's composition included high levels of aluminum and silica but lower levels of calcium and iron that were traditionally found in Mars rocks.
14 Turner and Van 't dack (1993) provide a good overview of the construction and problems associated with the MERM index.
A bonus on this disc is the inclusion of the four numbers La Merm recorded from Cole Porter's middling Panama Hattie ten years earlier.
Because the IMF defines MERM (line amx) as units of foreign currency per unit of domestic currency, we had to invert the MERM series to get effective exchange rate defined as units of domestic currency per unit of foreign currency.
(11.) Santos SR, Santos IBC, Fernandes MGM, Henriques MERM. Elderly quality of life in the community: application of the Flanagan's Scale.
If Foster doesn't better the Merm, Kelli O'Hara is well on her way, with a mix of originals and revivals, beginning with "Follies" in 2001 and leading to "Sweet Smell of Success," "Dracula," "The Light in the Piazza," "The Pajama Game" and now "South Pacific."
The nominal exchange rate is represented by the Multilateral Exchange Rate Model(MERM).
The Library of Congress protects Stagecoach - can't they protect the Merm? Wouldn't Berlin, may he rest in peace, prefer a premiere recording of Louisiana Purchase?