MERNMining and Energy Research Network (UK)
MERNMiddle East Road Network (TNT Express; delivery company)
MERNManitoba Education Research Network (Canada)
MERNMedical Ethics Resource Network (Michigan)
MERNMining and Environment Research Network (England, UK)
MERNMusic Education Resource Network (The Foundation for Music Education)
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Except for two claims, these claims have been acquired on June 14, 2019 directly from the MERN through map designation.
The mice were divided into different groups (n = 6) and pretreated orally with vehicle (water, 10mL/kg), carbenoxolone (used as the positive control, 100mg/kg), MEMN (30-300mg/kg), or MERN (10-300 mg/kg); an ulcerogenic solution composed of 60% ethanol/0.3M HCl was orally given to the mice one hour after the pretreatments [19].
Una de las consecuencias de las persistentes apelaciones fue la realizacion del informe de impacto ambiental por parte del MERN y T, encargado en julio de 2004 al ingeniero forestal Hector Keller (UNAM).
"The MERN works in partnership with regulatory authorities and the pharmaceutical industry in the Middle East, to develop legislation and regulatory practices that enable patients to have access to good quality and innovative medicines."
[r.sup.2] Residue([xi]) Signal([section]) n NDI ([alpha]) STI ([beta]) Bean + Corn DN 468 0.38 0.47 Bean + Corn MERN 468 0.36 0.46 Bean + Corn COST 468 0.10 0.40 Bean DN 205 0.47 0.38 Bean MERN 205 0.46 0.36 Bean COST 205 0.06 0.05 Corn DN 258 0.31 0.56 Corn MERN 258 0.29 0.55 Corn COST 258 0.13 0.03* [r.sup.2] Residue ([xi]) NDTI ([SIGMA]) Bean + Corn 0.48 Bean + Corn 0.47 Bean + Corn 0.08 Bean 0.40 Bean 0.38 Bean 0.19 Corn 0.56 Corn 0.55 Corn 0.02* ([xi]) The Bean + Corn data groupings were not the sum of Bean and Corn groups because additional fields that had both corn and soybean residue mixed in the same field were included in the Bean + Corn group.
Soil Collection Sites--Soils used in this study are from three cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) and three soybean (Glycine max Mern) fields in the Mississippi Delta.
The dried methanol extract (MERN) was stored in the refrigerator and a weighed amount was dissolved in propylene glycol for the present investigation.
THORSON - Doris Mern Thorson, 95, of Eugene, died Nov.
And that makes it three defeats on the bounce for the mern from Gorway.
An electronic bulletin board has been established by the Medical Ethics Resource Network (MERN) of Michigan and the Center for Ethics and Humanities in the Life Sciences as an information and consultation resource for Michigan health professionals and hospital ethics committees.