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MEROPEMontana Earth Orbiting Pico Explorer
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As Figures 7, 8 and 9 show, this khipu indicated that two stars of the Pleiades (Maia and Taygeta) changed their positions on the coordinate grid, whereas the positions for each of the remaining stars (Alcyone, Atlas, Electra, Merope, and Celaeno) remained almost unchanged on the coordinate grid.
The disjunct distributions of the two extant members of Meropeidae in eastern North America and western Australia (Kaltenbach 1978; Byers 2005), and the extinct meropeid Boreomerope antiqua Novokschonov from Middle Jurassic of Siberia (Novokschonov 1995, 1998), suggests that as far back as the Jurassic ancestral Meropeidae may have been widespread, and that Merope and its Australian confamiliar Austromerope poultoni Killington are relict survivors on opposite ends of the former familial range (Killington 1933; Byers 1988).
By the end of the play, which consists of a painstaking piecing together of lost fragments of Oedipus's past, he learns that he was left to die, rescued by a shepherd, and adopted by Polybus and Merope, only to leave these parents when he learns of the oracle.
(290-95) In the next scene, Oedipus is seen sleepwalking, dreaming that the Jocasta he approaches in bed is his supposed mother, Merope, and that he has killed his supposed father, Polybus, two acts whose criminality he clearly ranks:
The central character is the wealthy and enterprising land owner Philippas, a forceful and conservative youngish man, whose wife, Merope, after giving birth to several girls, becomes incapacitated and barren.
* Montana's first satellite, MEROPE (Montana Earth-Orbiting Pico Explorer), will measure radiation in the inner Van Allen belt around Earth.
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Arnold certainly was conscious that he did not continue to write poetry, but he did not continually grieve its loss; he was healthfully self-deluding about the prospects for writing more verse and the value of his works--he continued to believe all his life that someone would stage Merope.
Johnson (1995) found high allometric values for the male genital stylus of the scorpionfly Merope tuber, but interpretation in this species is not easy.
English poet, dramatist, and essayist whose adaptations of Voltaire's plays Zaire ( The Tragedy of Zara, 1736) and Merope (1749) enjoyed considerable success.