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Etere MERP solutions include Etere's Media Asset Management (MAM), Newsroom, Hierarchical Storage Management (HSM), Automation, Censorship, Airsales and Broadcast Management System (BMS), Ad Insertion, Closed Captions and Subtitle-Insertion and Channel-in-the-Cloud.
Respecto a la categorizacion de los EA, segun su Gravedad (escala NCC MERP), y que corresponden a EA que han originado danos temporales al paciente y han requerido intervencion, en 2016 se encontraron 222 EA de Categoria E (Error que puede haber contribuido o resultado en dano temporal al paciente y que requiere intervencion) y 16 de Categoria F (Error que puede haber contribuido o resultado en dano temporal al paciente y que requiere iniciar o prolongar el ingreso).
The severity of medication errors can be categorised (A-sI) based on the effect they have on the patient, as constructed by the NCC MERP. [1,6,14] Currently, in SA, there is no standardised medication error database for the identification and quantification of medication errors in hospitals.
Looking at the present-on-admission and hospital-acquired AEs together, AEs most commonly had an NCC MERP severity level of F (1,625/3,430 [47.4 percent]) and were possibly preventable (2,050/3,430 [59.2 percent]).
The patient's history, allergies, primary diagnoses and comorbidities, and treatment plan are also relevant to medication administration (NCC MERP, 2005).
The other projects were turned down for a variety of reasons including not fitting MERP criteria, asking for too much funding or not enough funding, or bad credit.
Her role, she explains, "is to bring visibility to [our] HRA products among our suite of what I call the acronyms offerings: HSA, HRA, POP, COBRA, MERP."
Within the Italian Pavilion, Etere showcased its Media Enterprise Resource Planning (MERP) core solution, which the company said is "the newest way to really modify the entire management structure of all media/IT industry companies".
The National Coordinating Council for Medication Error and Prevention of US (NCC MERP) has approved the following as its working definition of medication error: "...
(3) Harm: any error meeting or exceeding the National Coordinating Council for Medication Error Reporting and Prevention (NCC MERP) criteria for a category E error (i.e., categories E to I inclusive); category E is defined as "an error that may have contributed to or resulted in temporary harm to the patient and required intervention" (NCC MERP, 2001).
National Coordinating Council for Medication Error Reporting and Prevention (NCC MERP) Independent body comprised of 26 national organizations,
Formal: We have what we call a Medical Expense Reimbursement Program, or MERP, and this is offered two ways.