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MERVMinimum Efficiency Reporting Value (air conditioning and heating filters)
MERVMobile Education Resource Vehicle (Texas)
MERVMeteorological Emergency Response Vehicle (Yankee Environmental Systems, Inc.)
MERVMajor Emergency Response Vehicle
MERVMedical Equipment Rental Vendor (University Medical Center; Tucson, AZ)
MERVMaximum Expression and Regulated Vectors (gene therapy)
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Furthermore, our experimental verification conducted on two residential air-conditioning systems assesses the magnitude of energy consequences with three levels of high-efficiency filters: low-efficiency fiberglass panel filters (MERV < 4), medium-efficiency synthetic pleated filters (MERV 8), and high-efficiency synthetic pleated filters (MERV 11).
Riche said: "Merv is an absolute legend and when he asked for our shirts for his family and handed over the money too, it was a great gesture.
MERV aims to raise the profile of men's health issues and increase the number of men accessing health services in the Mudgee area.
Trust me, I'm Merv, the moustachioed motor-mouthed master of sledging.
Merv Griffin's Crosswords has launched on Verizon Wireless and is expected to be available on other carriers shortly.
"Merv called me on my home-office phone in Baltimore and invited me out to Beverly Hills," recalled Parker.
In the case of Griffin, the furor was sparked by well-regarded columnist Ray Richmond's August 17 piece in the entertainment trade publication The Hollywood Reporter, which opened with the words, "Merv Griffin was gay.
Following his stint on the Dean Martin show, he made frequent appearances on "The Ed Sullivan Show," "The Tonight Show," "The Flip Wilson Show" and "The Merv Griffin Show."
"Had it not started snowing when it did in early January, we would have been forced to buy a snow-making machine," says Merv McLeod, partner in McLeod Wood Associates, and advisor to the Services Company.
Merv Reed, 45, a builder from Witheridge, Devon, caught his five-pounder at low tide in a 12-hour session perched on a rocky outcrop near Ilfracombe.
Low toxicity: Low-VOC paints, CRI Green Label certified carpets with recycled content carpet padding, MERV 11 rated filters on return vents, formaldehyde-free, recycled content insulation