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MESSManaged E-Mail Surveillance Service
MESSMulti-Emulator Super System (computer program that emulates early home computers and video games)
MESSMangled Extremity Severity Score
MESSMinistry of Education, Science and Sport (Sweden)
MESSMinistère de l'Enseignement Supérieur et de la Science
MESSMessapic (linguistics)
MESSMarvelous Explorations Through Science and Stories
MESSMonash Engineering Students' Society (Australia)
MESSMulti Engine Search Script
MESSModel Evaluation Support System
MESSMaximum Effective Sonar Speed
MESSMetal Sanayicileri Sendikasý (Turkish: Metal Industrialists' Union)
MESSMesoscale and Severe Storms Computer System
MESSMaintenance Engineering Support Services
MESSMaintenance of Electronic Super Sonics
MESSMechanical and Electrical Subsystem Simulator (Mariner IV mission)
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The mess sergeant fled out into the darkness and returned with two troopers and a corporal, all very much perplexed.
"Will you be good enough to take your seats please, gentlemen!" he said, and the mess dropped into the chairs.
"He does not know how many years ago," said Dirkovitch, facing the mess, "but he says it was very long ago in a war.
The mess was in no mood just then to weigh insults to Russian colonels.
Said he'd see him damned first," chorused the mess.
You go on as if you were the whole Mess rolled into one.
"Not if I can do anything!" said the Surgeon-Major, who had hastened over from the mess where he had been dining.
Bobby fought his way through the rain to the Tail Twisters' temporary mess, and Revere could have fallen on the boy's neck for the joy of seeing that ugly, wholesome phiz once more.
He was taught the legends of the Mess Plate, from the great grinning Golden Gods that had come out of the Summer Palace in Pekin to the silver-mounted markhor-horn snuffmull presented by the last C.
One night, at the beginning of the hot weather, all the Mess, except The Worm, who had gone to his own room to write Home letters, were sitting on the platform outside the Mess House.
"Come into the Mess. We must sift this clear somehow," and he sighed to himself, for he believed in his "Shikarris," did the Colonel.
One day, after he had borrowed The Worm's trap for a lady who never existed, had used it himself all the afternoon, had sent a note to The Worm purporting to come from the lady, and was telling the Mess all about it, The Worm rose in his place and said, in his quiet, ladylike voice: "That was a very pretty sell; but I'll lay you a month's pay to a month's pay when you get your step, that I work a sell on you that you'll remember for the rest of your days, and the Regiment after you when you're dead or broke." The Worm wasn't angry in the least, and the rest of the Mess shouted.