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MESSAGEMethodology for Engineering Systems of Software Agents (software developing)
MESSAGEMobile Environmental Sensing System Across Grid Environments (UK)
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My dearest Blanche, I have seen Sir Patrick, and he has given me your message.
That seemed a good idea; so the Historian rigged up a high tower in his back yard, and took lessons in wireless telegraphy until he understood it, and then began to call "Princess Dorothy of Oz" by sending messages into the air.
So D'Arnot wrote a message on the bark, in English.
Spizo the Spaniard had seen De Montfort's man leave the note with Father Claude and he had seen the priest hide it under a great bowl on his table, so that when the good father left his cottage it was the matter of but a moment's work for Spizo to transfer the message from its hiding place to the breast of his tunic.
Your native shrewdness, my dear Watson, that innate cunning which is the delight of your friends, would surely prevent you from inclosing cipher and message in the same envelope.
You have indeed, squire," said the lady, "delivered your message with all the formalities such messages require; rise up, for it is not right that the squire of a knight so great as he of the Rueful Countenance, of whom we have heard a great deal here, should remain on his knees; rise, my friend, and bid your master welcome to the services of myself and the duke my husband, in a country house we have here.
Dunster concluded, "you wish those who sent me to believe that my message has been delivered.
While he trotted back with the message he was to deliver to the night watchman in his box at the door of Tellson's Bank, by Temple Bar, who was to deliver it to greater authorities within, the shadows of the night took such shapes to him as arose out of the message, and took such shapes to the mare as arose out of HER private topics of uneasiness.
When he returned, the message was written out in lead pencil:--
Yea, O King, I sent a message, but from all I have heard, Masilo, my messenger, gave more than the message, for he stabbed the Black One.
What with the message rate and the pay station, the telephone was now on its way to be universal.
Grantly was already reading the message that had been written.