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MESTMarine Engineering, Science and Technology (federation)
MESTMiddle European Summer Time
MESTMatter Energy Space Time (Dianetics & Scientology Technical Dictionary)
MESTMinistry of Environment, Science and Technology (Ghana)
MESTMeltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology (Accra, Ghana)
MESTMiddle European Summer Time (GMT +0200)
MESTMouse-Ear-Swelling-Test (method for the detection of skin sensitizing properties of substances)
MESTMinistry of Education, Science & Technology (South Korea)
MESTMission Essential Skills Training (US Air Force)
MESTMaximal Electroshock Seizure Threshold (Model)
MESTMissile Electrical System Test
MESTMultinational Entry Into Service Team
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This partnership will leverage MainOne's fiber connectivity, as well as MEST's seed fund and incubator to foster the growth and success of entrepreneurs by providing work space, high-speed internet, hands-on support, resources and a vibrant community to help start-ups succeed.
The decision tree without MEST scores for TCM syndromes is shown in Figure 1.
Although there can be considerable overlap in morphology between AMLEC and MEST, immunohistochemistry has been shown to be a helpful adjunct because the expression of melanocytic markers is a unique feature of both AML and AMLEC.
At the MEST launch event, Zogby reviewed Arab public opinion based on the evidence from many years of polling across the region.
As evidence of their seriousness, MEST has formed five working groups -- two of which are headed by respected Arab American scholars and composed, in equal measure, of American, European, and Arab academics and analysts.
The team first made mice lacking Mest, a gene whose paternal--but not maternal--copy is normally active throughout the growing embryo, notably in the developing brain.
Called the Mest Theory - after the particular gene - it may explain why some women are happy to be full-time, stay-at home mums while others need to go out to work to feel fulfilled.
Mest said that they used images and topographic data from spacecraft to map the locations of these features, evaluate their relationships to each other, and estimated their ages from superposed impact craters, which could provide better understanding of the geologic processes that modified the surface.
Adult renal neoplasm with a variable admixture of epithelial and mesenchymal components is a distinctive benign neoplasm that has recently been recognized and termed as benign mixed epithelial and stromal tumor (MEST) by Michal and Syrucek (1) and Adsay et al.
MANAMA: The Works and Housing Ministry is the platinum sponsor of this year's Middle East Spatial Technology Conference and Exhibition (MEST).