MESUMinistry of Education and Science of Ukraine
MESUMetro Ethernet Service Unit (Nortel)
MESUMedical Equipment Service Unit (Queens Medical Centre Nottingham; UK)
MESUMonetary, Economic and Social Union (Germany)
MESUMedical Education Support Unit (University of Kansas)
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Some of the important fermented bamboo shoot products familiar with locals are soibum, soidon, soijim, bastanga pani, rep, eup, mesu, and so forth.
Predominant functional LAB strains associated with the ethnic fermented tender bamboo shoot products, mesu, soidon, soibum, and soijim of the Himalayas, were identified as L.
Lastly, he identified the earliest known cultural renaissance, the Weheme Mesu, which is literally "repetition of the birth" or rebirth (Carruthers 1997; Carruthers 2007).
(7.) Simo G, Mansinsa Diabakana P, Kande Betu Ku Mesu V, Manzambi EZ, Ollivier G, Asonganyi T, et al.
A new mother begins consuming the galactogogue after the navel cord is cut, and continues until the withered remnant has fallen off (puse mesu), an event that should occur just a few days (three to five, according to most estimates) after the birth.
There are various fermented food and beverage such as kinema (based on soya beans), gundruk (Brassica campestris leaves), sinki (radish, Raphanus sativus), mesu (bamboo shoots), churpi (milk), shel rod (rice preparation) and jnards (beers) that have constituted of about 20 percent of the basic diet for centuries [7].
(3.) See also, inter alia, the naming of Moses in Exodus 2:10, where Pharaoh's daughter explains: "Because I drew him out of the water." The narrator based this popular etymology, curiously attributed to an Egyptian, on the Hebrew root MSH, "draw from water," rather than on the Egyptian word mes or mesu for son (cf.
Mesu Raza, who lives in the flat above, said: I saw police arrest two people and put them in a police van.
Dia:n might also have been related to other legendary ancestors, Dia:n Lulaw and his wife Dia:n Ugu, who founded the family Mesu:n Dia:n ('descendants of Dia:n' <K>) (see also Nyipa 1956).
Its design element gives Mesu added appeal, Panepinto said, and the dishes retailers include the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago.
STUDIO PANEPINTO MESU PORCELAIN BOWLS "Our hottest tableware item is the MESU set of porcelain bowls.