MET LABMetallurgical Laboratory
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Whether he placed the call to Compton before he left Berkeley or upon arriving at the Met Lab in Chicago--only to learn that his boss was in Michigan--is not clear.
MET Labs, together with the FDA, has conducted extensive research to identify parameters and conditions associated with the highest probability of interference for the most commonly used RFID frequency bands in the market today.
At the beginning of the research period, MET Labs received many samples of RFID readers supporting different frequencies.
Rob Frier, President of MET Labs commented: Joining the Eurofins network was a natural progression for MET Labs and provides major growth opportunities for our business and extended services for our clients.
Compliance testing was conducted by MET Labs, a third party, vendor-neutral lab, in Baltimore, Maryland.
To date, MET Labs has accredited seven testing facilities globally under this program.
Mercury4 is certified by EPCglobal and MET Labs for all three Generation 2 RFID modes, including the complex Dense Reader mode.
It is certified by EPCglobal and MET Labs for all three Generation 2 modes, including the complex Dense Reader mode.
The trial was managed through EPCglobal certification partner MET Labs and provided proof that products could be built against the proposed candidate specification.
Of the five North American based BQTFs, MET Labs is the only BQTF located on the East Coast.
The MetaLIGHT System recently completed much of the OSMINE process at Telcordia Technologies Labs as well as the grueling NEBS Level 3 certification at MET Labs.
As part of the TimeSource platform family of products, the TimeSource 3500 joins a product family that has been audited and found compliant to the GR-2830 PRS synchronization requirements by Telcordia (formerly Bellcore) and NEBS certified by Met Labs.