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METARMeteorological Aerodrome Report (weather information reporting format)
METARMétéorologique Aviation Régulière (French: Meteorological Aviation Report)
METARMeteorological Aviation Report
METARManagement Evaluation Technical Assessment Review (US FEMA)
METARMeteorological Terminal Aviation Routine Weather Report
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On the other side, Metar told the President that they and the majority of the Israeli people are committed to achieving peace based on a two-state solution.
HARNESSING METARS. The primary ceiling and visibility observations used in CVA are taken from approximately 1,650 METAR sites across the contiguous United States (CONUS) and in the U.S.--Canada and U.S.-Mexico border regions.
Overall, METAR observations indicated that thunder was reported during only 10% to 20% of the event.
A synoptic METAR report will normally include: station identification, UTC time, wind at 10 m above the ground, visibility, "present weather", temperature and dewpoint at 2 m, sea level pressure, cloud cover amount, cloud base heights, and precipitation.
When airport METAR data is available, you'll see a windsock icon over the selected runway icon in the lower left.
Planning Access METAR and TAF weather data for origin and destination airports and push environmental conditions (temperature, pressure altitude, winds, etc.) to the performance pages.
• MET Observer's and Forecaster's Workstations: PCs equipped with the software supporting METAR, SPECI and SYNOP messages (creation, receiving, sorting, archiving and utilization) installed in the meteorological office
Following its successful winter 2011 launch Florham Park N.J.-based Metar Weather is expanding the rollout of its weather risk protection insurance products.
It's nearly 8 a.m., so time to brief, starting with KSAW's METAR.
In addition to the IFIS and IRIS capabilities, the 2.2 release of the iFly Sikorsky app includes an updated cruise page allowing pilots to: Access METAR and TAF weather data for origin and destination airports, See aircraft positions relative to the origin, destination, and alternate airports, Push environmental conditions (temperature, pressure altitude, winds, etc.) to the apps In-Flight Performance pages, which now present Hover, Takeoff, Cruise and Landing aircraft profiles in graphical form, and Determine the aircrafts range with and without reserve fuel.
The LT retains weather data capability, including textual display of ASOS, METAR and D-ATIS (digital ATIS) for receiving the digital ATIS at the 73 airports that have the capability.
A Metar, or meteorological report, is an observation of conditions at a reporting point, usually an airport.