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Esch will be the keynote speaker at METCON - a joint meetings and exhibitions technology conference held in partnership by ASAE and the Professional Convention Management Association, Birmingham, Alabama - to convene April 1-3 at the Sheraton Gateway and Georgia International Convention Center, Atlanta.
Turner, "Properties and Applications of Low Density Syndiotactic Polypropylene," presented at MetCon '94, Houston, May (1994).
"New and unique cyclic comonomers for improvement of the technical performance for metallocene catalyzed COC," Proceedings of Metcon '97: Polymers in Transition, June 4-5, 1997.
The impact of the new catalyst technology was expressed in another way by Tony Torres, senior research manager, Polyolefins Research, Dow Plastics, at the MetCon '95 International Conference in Houston, in May, sponsored by The Catalyst Group.
Metcon '94, the second Worldwide Metallocene Conference, held recently in Houston, introduced one brand-new family of polyolefin resins made by "single-site" metallocene catalysts and provided glimpses of several more families still in development.
Furtek, Mobil Chemical's manager, Catalyst R&D, at MetCon '93, Catalyst Consultants Inc.
The recent MetCon '94 Worldwide Metallocene Conference in Houston (sponsored by Catalyst Consultants Inc., Spring House, Pa.) included three testimonials by compounders and end users concerning the promise of POP and POE modifiers.
This widespread interest was illustrated by the comprehensive cross section of materials suppliers at MetCon '94, the second major global conference on metallocenes, held in May in Houston, and sponsored by Catalysts Consultants, Inc., a member of The Catalyst Group of Spring House, Pa.
Quantum gave a technical paper at the MetCon conference in Houston in May, which reported the development of supported, hybrid metallocene-Ziegler catalyst to make HDPE and LLDPE.