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METIMinistry of Economy, Trade and Industry (Japan; formerly MITI)
METIMessaging Extraterrestrial Intelligence (San Francisco, CA)
METIMaritime Environmental Training Institute (Japan)
METIMedical Education Technologies, Inc.
METIMasyarakat Energi Terbarukan Indonesia (Indonesian: Indonesian Renewable Energy Society)
METIMitochondrial Electron Transport Inhibitor (chemical)
METIMatuaileoo Environment Trust Inc. (Samoa; est. 2000)
METIManTech Environmental Technology, Inc. (Durham, NC)
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The ancient times, do set forth in figure, both the incorporation, and inseparable conjunction, of counsel with kings, and the wise and politic use of counsel by kings: the one, in that they say Jupiter did marry Metis, which signifieth counsel; whereby they intend that Sovereignty, is married to Counsel: the other in that which followeth, which was thus: They say, after Jupiter was married to Metis, she conceived by him, and was with child, but Jupiter suffered her not to stay, till she brought forth, but eat her up; whereby he became himself with child, and was delivered of Pallas armed, out of his head.
(15) who with the lord Apollo and the Rivers have youths in their keeping -- to this charge Zeus appointed them -- Peitho, and Admete, and Ianthe, and Electra, and Doris, and Prymno, and Urania divine in form, Hippo, Clymene, Rhodea, and Callirrhoe, Zeuxo and Clytie, and Idyia, and Pasithoe, Plexaura, and Galaxaura, and lovely Dione, Melobosis and Thoe and handsome Polydora, Cerceis lovely of form, and soft eyed Pluto, Perseis, Ianeira, Acaste, Xanthe, Petraea the fair, Menestho, and Europa, Metis, and Eurynome, and Telesto saffron-clad, Chryseis and Asia and charming Calypso, Eudora, and Tyche, Amphirho, and Ocyrrhoe, and Styx who is the chiefest of them all.
31 July 2019 - New York, US-based accounting and advisory firm Prager Metis CPAs has combined with Virginia, US-based accounting firm Frank and Company p.c., the company said.
Company Founder and President Frank Beck and head of the firm's operations Vincent Villata will join Prager Metis as partners and Beck Villata will retain their current offices, Prager Metis said.
Even keen students of Canadian history often know little about the history of the Metis beyond their two organized resistances to settler takeovers of the Canadian Prairies and the leadership role in both of Louis Riel.
Prager Metis said it will retain Geibelson, Young and Company's Woodland Hills office, expanding the Prager Metis presence in the Los Angeles area to three offices including El Segundo and West Los Angeles.
Michel Hogue successfully applies the framework of borderlands history to the experiences of the Plains Metis in his monograph Metis and the Medicine Line.
Canada's recognition of Metis rights, however, proved to be short lived.
Metis Associates brings over 35 years of experience in evaluation, information technology, and grant development to its work with a wide range of organizations committed to making a meaningful difference in the lives of children, families, and communities.
The Statement of Principles on Crown Consultation and Accommodation with the Metis in Alberta was passed unanimously at the MNA's annual general meeting Aug.
It is not an exaggeration to assert that Michel Hogue's Metis and the Medicine Line is now one of the best studies written about the western Canadian--US borderlands.