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METICMount Evelyn Township Improvement Committee (Australia)
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A woman refers to herself as an auletris on the Phialae inscriptions (SEG 25.178), which suggests that one could hire independent, metic pipers.
In asking readers to consider these "metic" modernist authors and their rhetorical goals alongside contemporary ones like Sontag, Barker, and Kureishi, Detloff advances an argument that modernism can function as a "patch" in our present age, and in doing so provides modern critics with a more complicated understanding regarding the relationship between trauma studies from two different eras.
Meyer argues that an increasingly pro-metic atmosphere resulted in measures being taken to discourage frivolous lawsuits accusing metics of failing to pay this tax, and that it is by metic victories in these legal procedures, rather than legal processes associated with emancipation, that the phialai were generated.
She suggests that their depictions of queer metic relationships provide "examples of intimacies based on recognition of vulnerability, interdependence, and impermanence, rather than on domination or normativity" (137), and may "offer alternatives to nationalistic bonds that can lead to war, racism, and fanatical violence" (138).
In LA and Monaco coslonger metic surgery has been making an appearance on present wish lists for years, and now Brits are joining in.
Through its examination of new teaching practices, the center can both "stabilize and enrich" the institution even while "work[ing] underground." Like the metic who embraced her outsider role to her own benefit as well to that of Periclean Athens, North and Brannon argue that administrators can adopt an insider-outsider perspective.
The bulk of the argument concerned Aristotle, who, as a Greek Metic born miles from Athens in Stagira, was barred from full citizenship in Athenian society--was, in fact, a kind of Gastarbeiter barely tolerated by the less broad-minded members of that city.
In an attempt to show that the argument of the Republic is tied to concerns about civic unity as expressed in public rituals, Monoson emphasizes the significance of "staging the action at the home of the metic Cephalus," who was dedicated to money making and proved unfit for the pursuit for knowledge (213-15).
The actual production of drums cans for the year ended June 30, 2001 was 5,804 (2000: 6,262) metic tons.