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METICMount Evelyn Township Improvement Committee (Australia)
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If a piper were freed, became a metic, and married another metic, did that render her respectable?
Metics and the Athenian Phialai-inscriptions; a study in Athenian epigraphy and law.
She reads these "queer" women writers as metics (1)--outsiders within their culture, in their case due to a "gendered sense of un-belonging" (7), who are uniquely positioned to establish connections across borders during times of bloodshed and imperial disintegration.
Like the metic who embraced her outsider role to her own benefit as well to that of Periclean Athens, North and Brannon argue that administrators can adopt an insider-outsider perspective.
The bulk of the argument concerned Aristotle, who, as a Greek Metic born miles from Athens in Stagira, was barred from full citizenship in Athenian society--was, in fact, a kind of Gastarbeiter barely tolerated by the less broad-minded members of that city.
In an attempt to show that the argument of the Republic is tied to concerns about civic unity as expressed in public rituals, Monoson emphasizes the significance of "staging the action at the home of the metic Cephalus," who was dedicated to money making and proved unfit for the pursuit for knowledge (213-15).
The actual production of drums cans for the year ended June 30, 2001 was 5,804 (2000: 6,262) metic tons.
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The authors also thank Christabelle Walker, whose excellent social work skills helped to make participation in this study as pleasant as possible for all involved--children and their families, foster parents, caseworkers, and researchers; they thank Marya Sosulski for her metic ulous transcription of the videotapes and Jill Doner Kagle, Susan Wells, John O'Donnell, and John Poertner for their helpful suggestions.
In fact, only the plots in Figures 7c and 7d are on the same metic.
In popular culture, masters were often depicted as an alternate heroic ideal to that of the ineffectual or corrupt scholar-gentleman as they wielded their brushes with "cunning" or metic intelligence to empower those who were socially or economically disadvantaged.