METLMission Essential Task List
METLMulti-Element Two-Layer (semiconductors)
METLMohammed Enterprises Tanzania Ltd. (corporate conglomerate)
METLMolecular Epidemiology and Toxicology Laboratory
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AR MI Commanders are responsible for ensuring that unit mission essential task lists (METL) and associated training plans integrate Annual Training (AT), Operational Intelligence Support (OIS), and Culminating Training Events.
We will transition our collective training from METL focus to initially a modular capabilities focus.
Achieving proficiency of your organization's METL by processing, exploiting, and disseminating intelligence using DCGS-A should be in the forefront of every MI leader's mind.
The critical task training is derived from the unit's METL. The unit's METL represents the doctrinal framework of fundamental tasks for which the unit was designed (based on its table of organization and equipment (TOE) and table of distribution and allowances (TDA) mission).
During the home station phase of mobilization, the military decision-making process (MDMP) was used to refine the battalion's METL. The battalion's previous war trace alignment was to another major theater of operations and was geared for high-intensity conflict.
The Standardized METL established by the AMRB provides a list of core capabilities and tasks that a unit must execute to facilitate Decisive Action in any operating environment and supports that unit's training readiness reporting.
One such successful brigade that developed a METL for the Iraqi units it worked with was the 2nd Brigade (Dagger), 1st Infantry Division.
Use these elements to focus on your unit's Mission Essential Task List (METL) as the fundamentals in which to train your teams.
* Establish an engineer mission-essential task list (METL).
To prepare for deployments, we have been ready 'just in time' with an increasing reliance on the 'directed mission essential task list (METL)' to prepare for missions.
Table 1 portrays the ETC METL that gives the charter for such training exercises.