METPMinneapolis Employment and Training Program (Community and Economic Development; Minneapolis, MN)
METPMobile End Transport Protocol
METPManual Entry Tool Pack
METPMissouri Employment Training Program
METPMission Equipment Trainer Program
METPManager Exchange and Training Programme
METPMiddle Ear Total Pressure
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METP, launched in 2006, has been extended by the European Commission and China this summer due to the constantly rising number of applicants and high rate of success achieved so far.
For further information, to download the application dossier and for general information about METP visit www.
We often observe that the Chinese really want to establish relationships for doing business -- METP is the ideal platform for this.
China Link boss Dr Kegang Wu revealed that Liverpool would host a member of Shanghai's Chamber of Commerce for three weeks this July as part of an METP two-way exchange.
The programme, launched in July 2006, still attracts more Chinese participants than Europeans, although the number of EU applicants is steadily growing, according to Stefan Hell, METP team leader in Beijing.