METRACMetropolitan Action Committee on Violence Against Women and Children
METRACMetropolitan Tractor Company
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Gail Robinson, a psychiatrist and another co-founder of METRAC, recalls what happened in Ontario 20 years ago.
During the days leading up to and including December 6, the Toronto women's anti-violence group METRAC distributes buttons in public places (like subway stations) in exchange for donations.
Indeed, WRC supporter and METRAC activist Susan Van der Voght believes more permanent arrangements are preferable to one-time coalitions like the one producing the "ribbon/ rose" billboard.
METRAC approached the Parks and Recreation Department and offered to provide 'professional input' into their park safety proposals.
When a recommendation from the METRAC report did crop up, its intent had been radically changed.
But the Department did not act on research already carried out by external activists METRAC, who were seen as overly oppositional and therefore suspect by City staff.
None of the people involved in PSAP are presently active on safety issues in High Park, although METRAC and a continually evolving group of neighbourhood activists from the vicinity of High Park have been a constant throughout.
The subject of the Order is the delivery of 1 new and unused agricultural sprinkler carried, the three-point tractor hitch on the Metrac machine or the tractor, production year min.
Lieferung von Anbaugerten fr ein Mher Typ Reform Metrac H7: + 1 Stck Frontschlgelmhwerk, + 1 Stck Fronttellermhwerk, + 1 Stck Bandrechenwender, + 1 Stck Krokodilschaufel.
Lot 3: Supply of original spare parts and wear and Breining Metrac