METROCOMMetropolitan Command (Philippine Constabulary Metropolitan Command)
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The following year, their firm, MetroCom Development took ownership of the eight-acre shopping center near West 11th and City View Street after a division of property assets by the McKay and Korth families.
Besides digital signage, Metrocom also provides businesses with telecommunications and data communications service, server and workstation modules, data centers and various IT solutions.
In March 1999, Williams bought 19.9% of MetroCom, which is constructing a fiber-optic network in the Santiago area.
According to William Nassau, chairman of Whiteco Metrocom Inc.
Agents in the Chicago area presently include Chicago Communication Services, Chicago Mobile Telephone and Metrocom.
In 'ML,' Garcia plays a retired Metrocom colonel suffering from Alzheimer's disease, believe he still lived in the days of the Marcos dictatorship.
Garcia won several awards for Best Director and Best Actor, the latest from the Gawad Urian for his performance in ML as retired Metrocom officer whose Alzheimer's put him forever in a martial law realm.
Under the MOA, UP leased to the PC-METROCOM, for the amount of P1 per year, a portion of its campus in Diliman, Quezon City with an area of five hectares, to be used as a new site for the METROCOM units originally located at Camp Panopio, Quezon City.
Metrocom Development LLC, 2270 W 11th Ave; Remodel Existing Cmu And Wood Frame Motor Vehicle Repair Facility Into A Retail Establishment With Supporting Office Space.; $651,000.
A crowd like this one might have caught the suspicious glare of the dreaded metrocom if it was 1970s martial law Philippines.
There was, for example, a well-off woman who involuntarily went into a trance and channeled a feared Metrocom colonel whom Ramon knew.