MEUFMicellar Enhanced Ultra-Filtration
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Although many language purists and organizations such as the Academie Frangaise resist these linguistic intrusions, popular culture including rap, rai, and cinema which is representative of the diverse Franco-Maghrebi population has impacted contemporary French civilization to such an extent that the dictionary Le Petit Robert recognizes that terms originating from verlan such as beurs, keuf, meuf, and keum are "real" French words (see Sloutsky and Black 321).
For graduate students and professionals in bioengineering and chemical, environmental, civil, agricultural, and industrial engineering, De, who teaches chemical engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology, and Mondal, who is pursuing a master's degree in chemical engineering there, outline the benefits and use of micellar enhanced ultrafiltration (MEUF) as an alternative to other methods (such as membrane-based techniques) to achieve continuous removal of organic and inorganic pollutants from waste emerging from various industries.
Bellil was deeply impressed by the awe surrounding Jaid and taken with her new image as "Jaid's meuf"--his "girl" in banlieue slang.
French Verlan English bande deban group bizarre zarbi weird Black (Eng.) kebla black person bloque keblo blocked bonjour jourbon hello bus sub bus cable bleca trendy cafe feca cafe classe secla class clope peclot cigarette cool (Eng.) looc cool demon monde demon disque skeud album fais chier fais ieche it's boring femme meuf woman flic keuf cop fou ouf crazy francais cefran French jobard barjot crazy laisse tomber laisse beton drop it l'envers verlan reverse louche chelou shady mec keum man mere reum mother metro trome train musique sicmu music pere reup father piscine cinepi pool (swimming) poulet lepou pig (slang for police officer pourri ripou corrupt rap pera rap (music) truc keutru stuff vas-y zvva go for it